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The Challenges of Funding International Expansion

While foreign market expansion initiatives can help ensure business endurance, the funding of these initiatives can present a challenge. To financially support their expansion efforts, many companies reach out to their financial institutions. As part of their evaluation process, financial institutions generally evaluate on the basis of accounting statements, forecasts and initial market surveys performed by the company seeking the requisite funds. 

However, the actual market readiness of the company, the key, critical factor in the foreign market expansion, is generally overlooked. The expertise and ability of being able to accurately determine a company’s market readiness is not characteristically resident within the financial institution. The exclusion of this element creates risk for both the company and the financing partner.

Engaging Rauch Ex-Im as a renowned, experienced, and independent third-party agency to perform a structured market readiness assessment through its International Market Expansion Readiness Assessment (IMERA™) helps to mitigate this risk. Rauch Ex-Im’s in-market support services provide ongoing risk management of the foreign expansion initiative.

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