Certified Companies- IMERA™- RMRC™

Rauch Ex-Im Network of Certified Companies

To ensure the commitment of companies interested in international market expansion, and to meet the expectations that independent sales representatives and distribution networks have of these companies, Rauch has developed its Market Expansion Readiness Assessment (IMERA™) and Market Readiness Certification (RMRC™) process. This process contractually obligates companies to meet and maintain a specific standard of criteria in order to be represented by Rauch.

IMERA™ is a proprietary, in-depth, detailed analysis made up of 248 key function and criteria indicators in 17 categories. 

IMERA™ is designed to determine a company’s adherence to global best business practices, and to ensure that its core functions such as Product and Service Support, Legal, IT, HR, Finance, Research and Operations, Compliance, Financial and Management commitment are sufficiently strong to pursue a global strategy. 

Upon completion, and with an annual renewal policy to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to Rauch and international best practice standards, successful companies receive Rauch’s Market Readiness Certification (RMRC™) which is recognized internationally by government entities and trade organizations.

Rauch Market Readiness Certification

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