Company Policies

SME's / Social Investment / Workforce Development

Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SME’s) Diversity & Opportunity

It is the policy of Rauch Ex-Im that SME’s, including U.S. domestic veteran and service-disabled veteran owned, disadvantaged, and women-owned small business concerns, shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to compete for the procurement of goods and services. This policy shall extend to similar classifications internationally.

Localized Social Investment

Localized social investment and the creation and maintenance of good-will throughout the world are mandates of Rauch Ex-Im. Therefore, we utilize local assets and resources on projects whenever possible. Alliances with local governments and industries provide support, personnel and materials enabling us to execute efficiently and effectively in virtually any region or community in any country.

Workforce Development

It is Rauch Ex-Im’s policy to support the concept of the Workforce Development Boards, both domestically and internationally, their vision for an improved workforce and their program of work. These entities are well positioned to facilitate the involvement of private sector members, local educational institutions and public agencies.


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