The boards of Rauch International and Rauch Ex-Im have established Rauch India in order to best serve its India based clients and U.S. manufacturers that are interested in exports and other bi-lateral trade opportunities to and with India.

Rauch International announces the appointment of Manjushri Shah as CEO of Rauch Export-Import and Rauch Education.

The Government of India has recently imposed stiff restrictions on bidders from countries sharing land borders with India and has amended the General Financial Rules 2017 to that effect.

American industry, which is a hallmark of product quality, can offer a substantial sustainable alternative to support the equipment manufacturers of Indian Electrical & Electronic Industry.

They are clearly at an advantage to supply such sub-assemblies/components to the makers of finished products in India.

Rauch International and Rauch Ex-Im are now a global distributor of the Biosynex COVID-19 rapid test kits.

This month Rauch and IEEMA agreed to develop a special Rauch membership program for IEEMA members which will be released 3rd quarter of 2020.

A Successful Beginning to 2020

Rauch Ex-Im would like to thank its partners the U.S. Department of Commerce Commercial Service (USDOCCS) and the India Electrical & Electronics Manufacturer’s Association (IEEMA) for a highly successful ELECRAMA 2020.

Between January 16 and 23rd, Rauch Ex-Im attended ELECRAMA 2020, holding 1 to 1 business meetings focused on trade opportunities between U.S. and India companies in the Electrical and Electronics sector.

Meetings with senior leadership of IEEMA and ITPO focused on strategic initiatives designed to further enhance future bi-lateral trade opportunities between U.S. and India companies which include the promotion of 1 to 1 meeting between upcoming visiting India delegations and U.S. companies.

To better assist companies with international trade opportunities and expansion into foreign markets, thus enhancing their participation in the global economy, REI is proud to offer Membership Services beginning in 2020.

REI receives U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service certification of its Trade Mission to India for ELECRAMA 2020

  • World's Largest standalone electrical exhibition covering the entire electricity value chain
  • 14th edition; 30th year and growing at CAGR of 12%
  • Covering 110,000 gross sqms, with 1200+ exhibitors - 900 Indian and 300 foreign exhibitors
  • Largest congregation of the Indian Power and Electrical Sector - Policy Makers; Regulators; Public Sector Companies; State and Private Utilities; EPC; Large/Medium/Small sized companies; Wholesalers and Retailers, Academia and Engineering Students; Research Bodies
  • Visitor footfalls expected to cross 300,000
  • Expected presence of 5000+ international visitors. Delegations expected from SAARC - Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan; ASEAN - Thailand; Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia; Gulf - UAE, Turkey; S Arabia; Africa - South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Russia, Romania and more;

REI agrees to begin promotion of Rauch Educations Crisis Management and Auditing course offerings to REI’s global client base beginning Q1 2020

The purpose of this strategic partnership is to develop and expand a framework of cooperation between Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association and Rauch Export-Import to promote trade and cultural exchanges between the United States and India including the organization of conferences, seminars and trade missions and vetted and financially viable business opportunities to both the U.S. and India Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ business communities.


Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), is the apex industry association of manufacturers of electrical, industrial electronics and allied equipment in India. IEEMA represents the complete value chain in power generation, transmission and distribution equipment. IEEMA members have a combined annual turnover in excess of US$ 42 billion and have contributed to more than 95% of the power equipment installed in India.

As part of its acquisition of IBSC, Rauch Ex-Im will host this year’s World Trade Conference and U.S. Department of Commerce Export Achievement Awards, which in the past was hosted by IBSC and its predecessor International Business Association (formerly Inland Empire International Business Association). Venue location and agenda will be announced shortly on the Rauch Ex-Im Calendar of Meetings and Events.

Rauch Ex-Im Logo
Rauch Ex-Im Logo

Rauch Export-Import a leading private sector international advisory and management services company and a subsidiary of the Rauch International Group of companies, is happy to announce that it has acquired through merger IBSC. Rauch Ex-Im plans to build on both it and IBSC’s past history and successes to continue to reach out to and support the international educational, research and business communities.

IBSC Trade Logo

Pursuant to this agreement, the parties will work together to increase trade and business investment awareness among the U.S. business community, particularly small and medium sized businesses, U.S. educational institutions, appropriate international constituencies (e.g., foreign companies and educational institutions), and the general public. The parties will cooperate and coordinate trade and business investment promotion activities and programs, which may include jointly promoting greater awareness of national initiatives such as the National Export Initiative Next (NEI), the National Travel and Tourism Strategy, and the SelectUSA Initiative; promoting international tourism to the United States; and educating the public on topics such as the importance of trade and business investment and associated benefits to the economy, export and business investment opportunities, international student recruitment to the United States, ITA’s role in opening foreign markets to U.S. exporters, and how U.S. manufacturers and service providers may communicate their views on trade and investment issues to the Department of Commerce. The parties will work to increase awareness of and encourage U.S. businesses to use ITA and other U.S. Government trade promotion, market opening, trade compliance, and business investment programs and services.

Rauch Ex-Im Logo
Rauch Ex-Im Logo

In an effort to further increase its domestic and international awareness and efforts, IBSC has entered into merger talks with Rauch Export-Import a leading private sector international advisory and management services company and a subsidiary of the Rauch International Group of companies.

Rauch Ex-Im Logo
Rauch Ex-Im Logo

This agreement strengthens the competitiveness of U.S. industry, promotes trade and investment, and ensures fair trade through the rigorous enforcement of our trade laws and agreements. ITA works to improve the global business environment and helps U.S. organizations compete at home and abroad.

IBSC’s mission is to support both the export of U.S. goods and services and to attract FDI through the provision of services, participation in and leading of inbound and outbound trade missions and the support of organizations and events focused on same. IBSC through this partnership will help ensure a sustainable economic recovery which will be achieved in part through increasing U.S. industry competiveness. Participation in this project also furthers IBSC’s corporate social responsibility efforts of helping small and medium-sized enterprises develop.

The goals of this joint U.S. Trade and Investment Expansion partnership are to increase awareness of the economic benefits of trade; educate the public on trade activities as a job creation and growth strategy; create general awareness of ITA and other U.S. Government resources; and encourage U.S. businesses interested in exporting and foreign businesses interested in investing in the United States to seek the assistance of IBSC and ITA.

IBSC attended the Canton Wine Fair in Guangdong, Guangzhou China from June 19 to June 22 to meet with Chinese wine distributors, agents and wholesalers in preparation for the IBSC WINEMATCH2014 event scheduled for November of 2014

In order to better serve its U.S. and Chinese consumer electronics manufacturing and distribution clients, IBSC is honored to announce that New Times Overseas Exhibition Co. Ltd., has agreed to act as IBSC’s affiliate office providing management and communication oversight In Shenzhen/Guangdong China.

IBSC is extrememly excited to anounce its entry into Mauritius and South African markets.

IBSC has chosen Mauritius as the location to launch its Southern Africa business office and has approved and appointed Mr. Jack Bismohun, Managing Director of CyberHub as its Country Manager for IBSC-Mauritius and South Africa and the operators of the licensed International Business Support Center.

IBSC Mauritius and South Africa will operate under the direction of IBSC's International President and Chariman in accordance with policies set up by IBSC's Board of Directors

On December 16, 2011 the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service, Shanghai endorsed IBA-IBSC as a candidate to help support the efforts of the joint program between The U.S. Department of Commerce and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). This program, called the “International Partner Network” consisting of 14 major business centers across China, was outlined in an MOU signed July 12, 2005 between U.S. Commerce Acting Under-Secretary for International trade Tim Hauser and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Chairman Wan Jifei during the U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Annual meeting.

IBSC in partnership with International Business Association (IBA), the U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce, Shanghai and the City of Murrieta, CA meet with Mayor of Shaoxing

IBSC continues trade talks in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shaoxing and Yiwu.

IBSC in partnership with IBA host U.S. businesses at the China – U.S. Business Summit in Los Angeles

On December 8th and 9th 2010, IBSC together with IBA was proud to host business delegates from the Ho Chi Minh Union Business Association (HUBA) and Vietnam Distribution Association (VDA).

On December 8th in cooperation with the US Department of Commerce, the Consulate General of Vietnam (San Francisco), and the City of Murrieta in California, the delegation met at Murrieta City Hall Council Chambers with area businesses to discuss international business opportunities and listened to presentations by local California companies on a variety of topics including municipal waste water technology by Nepsus , alternative energy solutions by Viresco Energy, reverse osmosis and ultra filtration technologies by Nimbus Water and police and industrial safety products by Paulson Mfg.

The delegates were welcomed by Uwe Janssen Chairman of IBA-IBSC, Mr. Fred Latuperissa, Director Inland Empire U.S. Export Assistance Center U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service U.S. Department of Commerce, Murrieta City Mayor Randon Lane and City of Murrieta Economic Development Director, Mr.Bruce Coleman. The delegation followed with welcome remarks by the Consulate General of Vietnam (San Francisco), and the head of the delegation and Chairman of HUBA and VDA Mr. Minh. The delegation provided a wonderful lunch for the group hosted at Nimbus Water and after business was concluded went on to a wonderful winery tour at Oak Mountain Winery in Temecula, California, whey they were able to sample and purchase local wines and talk about importing California wines to Vietnam.

On December 9th, the delegation was escorted to the Coachella Valley region of Southern California to learn about new farming techniques and look for farming equipment.

The delegation began the day with a scenic tour of the valley and then went to the offices of Federated Insurance where they were welcomed by Uwe Janssen, Chairman of IBA-IBSC, Mark Stanley of Microcool, Sean Runnels and Eddie Schiller of Innovative Land Concepts, Pat Cooper-Former Senator Ducheny’s District Chief, and Diana Hernandez, Coachella Valley Mexican American Chamber of Commerce.

Local famers including George and Greg Kirkjian (Desert Valley Date), Rick Bradford (Richard Bagdasarian), Emerson Kono, Ken Vong, Jeff Percy and Adrian Zendejas (Ocean Mist Farms), Al Alaal (Kubota Tractor), Ted Johnson (CM&S Farms) and John Powell Jr. Anthony Bianco, Mike and Nick Bozick, Duane Young and Howard Marguleas attended the round table discussion. A wonderful lunch consisting of Beef Brisket, Tri Tip, Pulled Pork, Ribs, Creamed Corn, Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw and Roles provided by Innovative Land Concepts was thoroughly enjoyed by the delegation. After lunch, the discussion continued and the delegation was then able to watch a film and presentation on the GPS land leveling tractor and system. The delegation then returned to the Los Angeles area to prepare for a tour of the Port of Los Angeles on December 10th.

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