International Trade Development

International Trade Development

International trade is the backbone of our modern, commercial world, as producers in various nations try to profit from an expanded market, rather than be limited to selling within their own borders. International trade results in increased efficiency and also allows companies, countries, regions, and cities to participate in a global economy.

For many small companies, exporting is essential to achieve success. It no longer makes sense to limit your company’s sales to the local or even the national market. Your business cannot ignore these international realities if you intend to maintain your market share and keep pace with your competitors.


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New Market Expansion Benefits

Companies who expand into new markets do so in order to benefit from the following top priorities.

Being Prepared & Gaining Trust – The Keys to a Successful Market Expansion

With the potential benefits of market expansion comes a host of challenges. Primary amongst them is the need to gain the trust of local business partners and prospective customers in order to succeed.

Identifying and engaging with new customers is a time consuming and lengthy process and without a vetted network that can multiply the effectiveness of your efforts, you are limited to making contacts based on the size, experience, and availability of your internal team.

Being prepared to engage with the in-market independent sales representatives and distributors, is a requirement, not an option. This network is key to your success, they have the relationships with clients, they keep you abreast of real-time market conditions, challenge the viability of your product and service offerings and provide constructive criticisms and advise to ensure your company is a viable player in the market.

Rauch provides more than two decades of experience in contributing to the growth of various global clients, providing guidance and support to give you the best opportunities for a successful International Market Expansion.

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